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Chiropractic Techniques

Different bodies need different chiropractic techniques…

Dr. Tammy Costello has extensive experience in researched and practical application of chiropractic techniques including but not limited to:

• COX Flexion-Distraction
• Diversified Adjusting (Manual Adjusting)
• Thompson Drop Technique
• Activator
• Trigger Point Release
• Manual Therapy
• Physiotherapy
• Extremity Adjusting

After a thorough consultation and/or chiropractic exam, which may include x-rays, Dr. Costello will determine which technique is best suited for your type of care.

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“Dr. Tammy is the first doctor to actually design a plan to fix me! With an affordable care plan and a series of exercises, I have gotten to a point in my life where I feel pain free for weeks at a time. I am confident that this time frame will increase as I have only been going to Dr. Tammy’s office for 2 months. This has been an amazing increase to my quality of life!” – Tina
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