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Chiropractic Clients

Below are a few testimonials from our massage therapy and chiropractic clients:

“I was in a car wreck in 2016 and after that I always felt weird and off balance. My previous Doctor said I would balance out eventually. So in 2018 I still felt the same way and daily activities was a struggle. I always felt like I wasn’t even in this world. So I was referred to a ENT he diagnosed me as having Ménière disease. I would get so dizzy driving I would have to pull off the road and hope the spells would pass. I hated driving, I could be going 60mph and in no time 40mph or less was my speed cause that’s how fast the dizziness would hit. I was miserable and all I would do is cry and pray that god would lead me to someone that could help me.
So in May of 2020 a good friend of mine told me about a chiropractor in Myrtle Beach. I meet Dr. Tammy and she was so nice and understanding, but was still worried that I was waisting my time. For a month in May I went to her 2 times a week. Let me tell you after the 1st week I could tell a difference in daily activities and driving. Now I enjoy getting off of work and going for a drive and visiting family. I also traveled to Maggie Valley for vacation end of June and had the best time and I do not think I could have done it without Dr. Tammy. She has not cured my disease cause there is no cure, but she has made my life so much better in so many ways. Thank you Dr. Tammy and may God bless you!”

– Renee McKnight

“I am 72 years old and have had lower back pain for 20 plus years. My husband and I moved to Myrtle Beach when we retired, him for golf, and me for the beach. He is living his dream, but I have to be content to watch others walk the beach. My back pain is increased by walking in the sand.”
– Edna

“My first visit to Dr. Costello’s office was so upbeat that I actually left her office thinking that I might actually have a chance to improve my lifestyle. She and her staff have let me feel that we were all on the same team. It’s been only six weeks since I started going to Dr. Costello, and I realize it’s still going to take more time and work, but I stand straighter, walk surer, and have a hope that I will continue to get better. By the way I walked on the beach twice this week.”
– Vivian G.

“During my first visit, Dr. Tammy outlined the course of action to be taken and following the plan she outlined, I have been able to manage my back issues and resume normal life activities within a two month window. She set realistic expectations and did not oversell her services. Her thorough and positive approach to each of my visits made all the difference to my commitment to follow the plan. Her professionalism and that of the entire staff, especially Jeremy, has made this journey to better health a positive experience.”
– Glenda

“When my son was diagnosed with Salmonella Poisoning, Dr. Tammy saved his life. Doctors had sent him back home from the hospital with temperatures so high he was having seizures. They said there was nothing I could do but let it run its course. He was lethargic, wouldn’t make eye contact, speak or hold down fluids. When Dr. Tammy found this out, she asked if she could stop by. She was only at my home for 10-15 minutes. Before she left, he was speaking. About 10 minutes after she left, he was holding down fluids and his fever went down. I believe without a doubt that Dr. Tammy saved his life.”
– Jennifer

“Dr. Tammy is the best. She performed extensive exams and asked a lot of questions. After 4 treatments, the radiating leg pain was gone! I can actually move without hurting after years of pain.”
– Debbie

“Dr. Tammy is the first doctor to actually design a plan to fix me! With an affordable care plan and a series of exercises, I have gotten to a point in my life where I feel pain free for weeks at a time. I am confident that this time frame will increase as I have only been going to Dr. Tammy’s office for 2 months. This has been an amazing increase to my quality of life!”
– Tina

“I had severe pain in my back and hip with pain radiating down my leg. Other doctors told me my only options were injections or surgery. I did not want either of those options. I heard good things about Life Line, so I decided to try that first. When I met Dr. Tammy, I told her I didn’t expect to ever be pain free, I just wanted to be able to dance again and walk without using a cane. 3 Months later, I am able to do those things! I am so thankful that I tried Life Line and met Dr. Tammy. I truly feel blessed.”
– Bobbie

“I travel 40 minutes to this office because of the excellent care I get. I never leave in pain and I feel like I’m a person here… not just a number. I can’t say enough good things. They are the best and I never thought I would say that. I have finally found the best chiropractor in South Carolina.”
– Peggy

“I woke up one morning and I couldn’t put any weight on my left knee. I had to hobble around for 3 days with a brace on my leg. I was really surprised at how fast I got better after seeing Dr. Tammy. I was able to walk normally 1 hour after I left the office!”
– Keith

“I was living in constant pain with my neck and back. After 2 weeks of treatment, I was amazed at the decrease of pain in my back. Now, 6 weeks into treatment – I am thrilled! I had no idea that I could live without constant pain. Life Line Chiropractic has truly been a blessing. I would recommend them to anyone living with pain. You have nothing to lose… except the pain!”
– Kendall

“I have been a patient at Life Line Chiropractic for over 2 year for severe lower back pain. My experience has been an extremely positive one. The level of care provided by Dr. Tammy and her staff has been excellent… I continuously recommend Chiropractic Care to anyone who complains of back pain and joint pain. And not just any chiropractor… I will always be grateful to Dr. Tammy and her staff for improving the quality of my life!”
– Rose

“I wanted to say thank you for the phone call asking how I’m doing. That was so nice of the doctor to take time to do that. We appreciate her thoughtfulness so very much!”
– Lorraine

“I travel 40 minutes to this office because of the excellent care I get. I never leave in pain and I feel like I’m a person here… not just a number. I can’t say enough good things. They are the best and I never thought I would say that. I have finally found the best chiropractor in South Carolina.” – Peggy
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