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Life Line Chiropractic

Life Line Chiropractic and Massage was founded on the belief that not enough people receive the quality, comprehensive health care each of us deserves. Our patients, those who live in Myrtle Beach or those who are visiting the Grand Strand, feel the difference in our care from the moment they step into our office. Dedicated to providing long-term health solutions through the latest and most effective adjustment techniques and rehabilitative therapies along with massage therapy and nutritional guidance. We offer personalized treatments plans to stimulate your body’s natural healing process.

“I have been a patient at Life Line Chiropractic for over 2 year for severe lower back pain. My experience has been an extremely positive one. The level of care provided by Dr. Tammy and her staff has been excellent… I continuously recommend Chiropractic Care to anyone who complains of back pain and joint pain. And not just any chiropractor… I will always be grateful to Dr. Tammy and her staff for improving the quality of my life!” – Rose
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